I have 250cc (about 8 oz) plastic bottles for sale. These are wide mouth bottles and the bottles have plastic code 5 (PP) The caps are unlabeled but I believe they are made out of the same material. These are fairly thick walled and hard bottles. These are NEW, never used. I bought these from Amazon while back. I have no data on cleanliness, so I don't know if these are suitable for food storage.

As these are Polypropylene type, they are NOT completely oxygen impermeable. I've noticed, storing Dektol stock solution, it will darken a bit in about 2 months. I've kept mine up to 7 months and they worked just fine but these are not ideal storage conditions.

I have 27 (twenty-seven) of these bottles with caps.

I'd like to get 50 CENTS each + shipping, please. I will ship from Central Florida and you pay for the actual shipping.

Because of price of the item, it will probably make no sense to ship anywhere other than CONT-US.