I don't have a lot of experience with it so far, but I did buy a couple boxes of 25 and 50 for using in my old Kodak 3A. I've been working with the 50 first, it does seem to have some contrast and Adox says not to overexpose. ( I have Adox CHS 25 and 50, but I think it is the same film. ) Anyway, so far I've tried stand development in dilute HC-110 and I've also tried diafine, both compensating development. I liked the results of both .. the diafine is a bit punchier and the tones in HC-110 were smoother. Highlights were not blown out in either. I like the way it looks and am looking forward to working with it more... but now feel a little like you, that I want to use it only for special shots since I can't get any more. I'm using it one 4x5 sheet at a time.

Have fun!