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I was shooting Arista 100 EDU @ 75asa using a little Sekonic incident light meter. Most of my exposure times were at 2 seconds between f8 and f11, it was an overcast afternoon/evening.
Right before my last shot I checked the Pinhole Assist app on my iphone, based on their curve for Arista 100 EDU it said that if my light meter thought 2 seconds was right I should've given it ~9 seconds. BUT if the light had been one stop brighter, two seconds would have been perfect.

So...does that mean I can develop everything N+1 and call it good? A one stop push? That seems too easy.
A push development doesn't increase detail - it just increases contrast for the detail that made its way on to the film.

So the push may help it look a bit nicer, but it won't solve your problem with very low light levels leading to reciprocity failure.