Mine are printed and half mailed--the international require I stand in line.

Uwe, your shot of the inn has piqued my wife's interest in Germany, but I'm telling her we don't want to stay there.

Mike, I am suprised with the contrast in your B&W shots for old paper. I have about 500 sheets of Kodak PCIII that I can only get decent whites out of if I don't run it through developer, even with using significant amounts of benzotriazole. Very nice

Dennis, your picture of the chain had the unfortunate impact of reminding me of my job, but I'm thinking of taking it to work and hanging it so they get the point ... I like the tones captured in the links

Darwin, your cairn reminded me of one I recently saw in a rain swollen stream--I should have shot it, but it was too far away and too dangerous. I continue to wonder at the effort to do that in the middle of flowing water ... Great texture in the cairn rocks.

Eugene--I know you found that shot of the power pole in east Tennessee--that's just how we do things here. The only hint that it might be somewhere if the lack of skunk roadkill. We can only home that there was some sort of reason for it ...

Matt, very interesting photograph, and I really like the texture of the wood. The tone of the water reflection is very pure and not overexposed like I always do. Don't you love when the straight print is the best?