I'm planning to travel and shoot soon in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan). I expect higer than normal X-ray passes, out from UK, internal flight x-ray out and back (?) multiple venues then back home: up to 5 x-ray passes.

So far I'm considering 1 or more of the following tactics.

A. Get film bought in the UK shipped to my hotel. This assumes all parcels are NOT x-ray scanned.

B. Buy film in country, perhaps mail-order shipped to my hotel rather than at the local shop.

C. Ship exposed film back to my usual processer in the UK (Peak Imaging, good for me so far). Again this assumes the stuff isn't routinely x-rayed.

D. Have film processed in country then shipped to the UK (I'd need to avoid having film sent to the hotel as any delay in shipping could see me back in the UK and the film in Egypt!).

I'm interested in experiences other have and any solutions employed. Is threre a way I can be accredited and avoid the x-ray risk? A trip to the USA was marred by my insistance on hand-searches and flat refusal in some places. Again an internal flight added passes but everyone said "our machine is X-Ray film safe...

Finally may I place on record the willingess of security staff at the London Olympics to hand search my baggage? I expected to be refused.