Even if 35 mm is your favourite focal length for the miniature format, it doesn't neccessarily mean its equivalent will be your most often used lens for a different format.

When sinking in a new format, the two options are: getting one lens, that is neither wide, nor long to better understand where you want to go from there, if you want to, that is, or work with a couple of lenses for quite some time to start to feel, which one works the best for you.

Now, that you have a high quality lens, I'd suggest you start using it. When you'll get comfortable with it after lots of sheets of film and prints, you might wish to add a lens between 180 and 240 mm for example. With this lens duo you are well prepared for the great majority of subjects. Fewer lenses, less distraction.

At this point I'd suggest you to worry less about your (BTW superb) choice of equipment and let the Super Symmar-XL bring out your inner eye for that focal length. Spend your money on good film and paper.