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I always ask from airport security to hand check my films, never had a problem except once at the Vatican entrance (they reduced to do so) and this is not an airport. I am sure that if you ask it you won't have a problem either.
I will +1 that.

Just ask for hand inspection.

I've also had issues in "important" cities, like when I visited Washington DC I wasn't allowed in the LIBRARY because they needed to x-ray the film and I wouldn't allow it.

What I noticed more than anything was that because the cameras had removable lenses, they insisted on looking inside OR x-ray, I chose X-Ray and when I got the film back all the rolls that were IN THE CAMERA at the time of X-Ray all had terrible banding.

I don't know if its something in the metal body of the camera that amplifies the waves, but it's bad.

So always finish off a roll before going through the X-Ray... That's my biggest advice.

This banding BTW was on ASA 64 film... Very slow...


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