Mine is strictly a hobby.

I have a daytime job in IT industry. I have a history of having a passionate hobby and eventually turning into a money making carrier. That has happened to me several times but I am determined to not make photography a profession. I do take family portraits and such for my coworkers and friends but I do not accept payment. Occasionally I receive a "thank you" gift but I am known to return what I consider more than a token gesture.

When a passion turns into a carrier, it eventually takes fun out of it. When money gets involved, then there will have to be some cost vs profit analysis done. If you are a younger person, making hobby an occupation may sound like a dream-come-true but having being there and done it few times, I don't want to do it again.

With that said though, what started as a hobby (IT stuff) has turned into a lasting and rewarding carrier. If that's the direction you want to go with your photography, I don't discourage it. Just be aware, doing something has a profession is an entirely different ballgame than doing it as a hobby. In the end, you will lose your hobby.

Think about that.