When I was younger, I worked in photographic related jobs (colour printer, black and white darkroom technician, camera store salesman) and had a small part-time photography business doing weddings, portraits and some commercial work.

I spent a fair amount of time around a number of full time professional photographers (mostly small studios that did a lot of wedding and portrait work). Based on my observations there, I decided not to pursue that as a career. It was my sense that the most financially successful professional photographers (within that genre) were successful because of their sales abilities first, their business acumen second, and finally their photographic skills, enthusiasm and talent (a somewhat distant third).

I decided at that time to preserve my joy in photography by looking elsewhere for a career.

Since then, I have at various times sold some work, but not a lot.

Photography is a hobby that I devote appropriate amounts of money to. I don't see that changing, although I'm still trying to figure out a good way to stretch my budget this month to buy that 16x20 easel that bjsmith7474 has for sale in the classifieds