I bought a Bronica Sq-B several months ago, with WLF, two 120 backs, and three lenses, and it has worked flawlessly -- until today. I just loaded film into one of the backs, attached it to the camera, went to turn the film advance lever, and it wouldn't move forward. Then I found out I couldn't get the lens off, no matter how hard I pressed down on the lens release lever (which doesn't budge). And I couldn't get the mirror lockup lever to turn (off N). When I looked inside the body I found that the mirror is locked in the up position. Needless to say, the shutter won't fire either.

I tried all sorts of things -- putting on the other back, taking the dark slide out and inserting it back in, turning the multiple exposure lever on and off, making sure the shutter release lock is off and the battery is good. None of those did any good. I know most of you Sq owners have one of the other Sq models, but I'm hoping that they are similar enough that someone might have a suggestion. Failing that, does anyone know someone in the U.S. who can repair this camera? Thanks in advance.