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It's drawing quite a long bow to suggest that Ilfochrome is easy to deal with. It's not. Never was.
Ilfochrome is terrible compared to hybrid methods believe me, photographers in Australia turned away from it in droves and either went all-digital or hybridised (as I did).
IIRC, Ilfochrome was not the only process losing photographers to the digital camp

The biggest hurdles to Ilfochrome home processing were IMHO:
  • Dealing with the terrible nightmare that was Ilfochrome's distribution channel. You were a beggar, not a valued customer, and had to kindly accept what they were willing to give you at the price they reluctantly told you - take it or leave it.
  • Wads of forum postings screaming that Ilfochrome is impossible to do, most of them from people who were simply unwilling to accept a mediums limitations. No, you can't just print Uncle Peter's random holiday slides and expect good results. Neither can you throw your bombastic Velvia slides at this process and expect quick results. The rule is quite simple: if a flat bed scanner can create a decent scan from a slide, Ilfochrome will likely print it well. If you tame E100VS with proper fill flash or shoot Astia in soft light, you can print the slides just as they are, without masking or other tricks, and the results will be breath taking.
  • Willingness to waste one or two packs of paper and chemistry to get the process nailed. This sounds trivial in b&w and RA4, but with Ilfochrome's prices it's quite a commitment. Well worth it if you see the results.