I have a question or two about this lens and about the advisability of selling it on a simple monorail like the 45E. I am not trying to sell the camera myself; I do not own it. From time to time, however, my friend Dick Welch gets things that walk into his office on which he asks my advice. Here, I have little to give him and so I turn to the experienced minds of APUG.

The Voigtländer Braunschweig Heliar 1:4.5 16,5 cm lens is mounted in a working Compur shutter (original, by the look of it). This is mounted on the Omega View lens board through the simple expediency of the flange being screwed on like a retaining ring - no problem to remove. The owner has, reportedly, not shot with the thing in over 10 years. My questions: First, what does anyone know of this lens? I sometimes feel I ought to genuflect when speaking the name Heliar, but the truth is that there are lots of lenses with that name engraved on the front ring, and they seem to be unevenly worthy of the cult status they have attained. I can't find much on this focal length. It's in the 1927 Voigtländer Lens Catalogue, it is no longer listed in 1964. I don't have any ebay or auction records on it, nor can I find threads extolling its virtues on line.

Second, assuming this is one of the good ones, would it not be a better deal for the man if we substituted a decent modern lens and shutter on the Omega view to make it an attractive, inexpensive package for someone just starting out in 4x5 and sold the Heliar separately?