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At Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, hand inspection of my few rolls of delta 3200 was refused, when I requested it, after sending the rest of my film through the scanner. The inspector insisted that hand inspection would mean opening each roll, and unrolling it. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he said he WAS the supervisor.

The film went through the scanner. Hand inspection was done at other airports, that trip, including England - might have been Manchester rather than London. The film was OK.
I can report that I have had a LARGE quantity of film hand checked at Schiphol no problem. Maybe it was because I was with a native Dutch speaker.

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I'm interested in experiences other have and any solutions employed. Is threre a way I can be accredited and avoid the x-ray risk? A trip to the USA was marred by my insistance on hand-searches and flat refusal in some places. Again an internal flight added passes but everyone said "our machine is X-Ray film safe...
I have never had a problem with getting film hand checked in the US. One thing that may be helpful is to travel with a boxed roll of 3200 ISO film and label your other film "shot at ISO 3200." I've done this and skipped the whole "our machine is fine for ISO 100 film" speech. What's amazing about it is it takes less time for them to hand check the film than it does to argue with you.

The problem I have with xray machines is you pass through so many of them nowadays. You also do it in multiple countries where you really don't have all (or any) information about the scanners and operators. Also xray operators pop wood when my bag goes through the scanner. They run it through... then they pick it up and run it through again! All those camera bodies and lenses are TSA porn. I really don't want my film going through that ride multiple times at each airport. There have been multiple pronouncements in this thread but basically no links to back them up... other than the Kodak link telling you it is somewhat risky to run your film through an xray machine.

Personally I would do the relabeling thing and only take as much film as you need. Be polite and dress like someone who knows what they are doing. Also be prepared for all of this to not work and accept the fact that sometimes your film will get scanned. As people's anecdotal reports have shown most of the time no changes will show up in your final print. I mean it doesn't hurt to ask. But if you are refused it may not hurt to run the film through the scanner.