I don't think that the ilfochrome(cibachrome) line will be discontinued in any short order. We are using Lambda technology to produce cibachromes and have found that we are using more and more material as time goes on.
I do agree that with the shrinking E6 (transparancey) market, the traditional side of ilfochrome( cut sheet, CLM1k, CPS1K and CFK1k) will slowly phased out but roll 20 Inch and 30 inch (cibachrome universal ) will be seeing a massive increase with the lazer printers that are situated in labs throughout Europe and North America, I would also imagine Australia will be strong in this area as well.
The inkjet market totally hit the cibachrome market and Ilford did nothing to fight back, but now with these new writers producing beautiful work it will not be long before a resurgence of ciba will occur.
If you do not like glossy surface ciba is not for you , but there is no other product available that has a better colour gamut than cibachrome. I print most end products and can stand behind this statement.
Ink jet is a pale comparison , as is crystal archive and endura RA4
One only has to print from various files on each media to see this.