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Haha, that's what makes me laugh, I feel like I lost by playing fair. Admittedly it was a little irritating after babysitting the auction all week. Ah well, I'll snipe the next!
Sniping is "playing fair." If someone bids before you and they have the same max bid they win and you lose. You accept that risk when you snipe. You also risk a software or internet malfunction in the critical sniping window.

One big advantage of sniping is that it also doesn't call attention to auctions. Dealing with market psychology is just another facet of the game. As others have stated often the other participants are irrational. You don't want to poke them with a stick. It's amazing people will avoid totally good auctions if they are ending soon and have no bids. But they will swarm like flies on a dung heap if they see some bidding action on a very mediocre listing. It's the herd mentality. Look up "shill bidding." If an auction has too much bidding action early on I usually move on. You get the deals when you have a motivated seller and the herd is asleep. Eprey has turned into a bit of a joke these days. There are very few legitimate actions starting at $.99. It is a flood of ridiculous "Buy It Now" offers. I have literally seen cameras on their for 6+months continuously with ridiculous "Buy It Now" offers. Even as much better versions of camera have sold for a fraction of the price. I don't get what the purpose is of having so many ridiculous listings.

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Hey folks! Name's Gus - washed up digital photographer gone film! ;D

I've been shooting 35mm for fun for a few years now and have finally given into the MF bug. For a while I was interested in the Mamiya 645 for it's modularity. I figured 120 was the next step up. However, my goal is to get even REMOTELY close to shooting wonderful b/w portraits like this...
You can make pictures like that with any semidecent MF camera (Pentax, Bronica, Hasselblad, Rollei, Mamyia, etc.)

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So my question is, what do you guys/gals think about the Pentax 6x7? It doesn't offer modular options - is there something that does? Does it really matter that I cannot switch film cartridges mid-shoot?
If you've never had it you will never miss it. If you ever do get it and a couple of backs you will wonder how you ever lived without it. I have three backs at the moment and it's great. Film ain't cheap. I can load 25 ISO B&W, 400 ISO B&W, and 100 ISO C-41 or whatever combination is going to cover my day. Or I can leave two backs empty and just load them as needed. The point is you never really have to waste some frames just because you want to change to color or lighting conditions demand a higher ISO. If you are a low volume shooter the backs are a God send. If you work in a high volume studio with a 6x7 camera... well the end of the roll is going to come fast... very fast, so backs may be more of a hassle and expense than they are worth.