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Cool, I have the 70mm back on the Century Graphic and loaded up ready to shoot, but now I've discovered the slower speeds on the shutter that's mounted on it stick open so only the top four speeds work. Oh well, I can probably get a decent test run of the 3 feet of film I put in it just using those speeds, then I'll have to give the shutter a clean. Luckily I have a 6.8/65 Angulon to fit it as well so I can swap the lenses after this test roll.

This is my Century Graphic before I put the 70mm back on it, lens is a Linhof Schneider Xenar 3.5/105.
Any news?

I purchased a can of 70mm Panatomic-X from a guy on eBay who has a bunch, I bought it before you posted this but hadn't gotten around to shooting it.

I just opened the can and it DEFINTELY has vinegared, strong vinegar smell.

If yours is similar I certainly WOULD NOT put this in your camera, the shots might come out but as I've learned the resulting film could affect other film you store with it, destroying it with vapors of vinegar type acid, and the same is true with the camera back, the acid can damage the camera, be careful.


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