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Well, my first test won't be of any use. I hadn't used TMY2 with XTOL before, and hadn't used XTOL at stock strength before so I went with Kodak's recommended time of 6:30 @ 68F (which seemed very short) and Kodak's agitation recommendation. Way underdeveloped. I got the equivalent of N-3. I suppose I should have expected this since my TMX times with XTOL 1+1 are significantly longer than Kodak's.

The shape of the curve did resemble Mark's upsweep, but with this degree of underdevelopment I can't come to meaningful conclusions regarding TMY2's normal curve shape in XTOL so I will have to redo this at least one more time.

By the way my rolls are from the same batch as Mark posted.

Michael, I suspect something went wrong. I develop TMY2 the same way you did: XTOL (stock) at 6:30 @ 68F, but agitating less than you, and I get normal density and a normal CI of 0.57. What's the density of your leader? Mine is 2.76, which is higher than most films.

YIKES! I just remembered another detail: I always pre-soak the film! I discovered a year ago that TMY2 gives higher densities when pre-soaked. I give it 4 minutes agitating twice per minute. Sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier. But even so, the lack of a pre-soak should not cause an N-3 pull.

Anyway, your test is probably useful because I've noticed that under/overdevelopment does not change the shapes of curves much. Could you post your numbers or graph? BTW, thanks for doing these tests!