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are you suggesting he invented a genre that didn't exist before him?
if you are suggesting this, i find this hard to believe
because he was just continuing the same sort of photography
timothy o sullivan did a few years before him, almost photographing the same things
and who knows maybe even the same tripod holes, like all the lovers of his work do with his tripod holes ...
We're wandering off topic a bit, but I guess it depends on what you consider a "genre" to be. You'd never mistake O'Sullivan's photos for f/64 work; apart from technical differences, they don't really have that central "ain't nature grand" vibe that sort of defines Adams. The influence is obvious, but personally I wouldn't say "same genre", except in the very broad sense in which "landscapes in the American West" is a genre.

i guess the OP will return in 3 years ...
That line of discussion was getting interesting, I thought, and I hope he didn't leave in a huff.