17 Mar 2013

I have received some really great cards. Here are my comments in no particular order (order determined by the pile on my desk).

The card from Fozzle has lots for the viewer to look for, and questions to ask.
Hankins27 sent a photo of old church. It would be cool to get inside to photograph. Sharp with good contrast.
BoxBrownie's print from India leads the viewer into a story of "What is this place, and what happens here?"
A lock and chain for rince demonstrates effective use of depth-of-focus.
Nice 4x5 contact print of sea foam from treddy (something I have been trying to do effectively for some time).
Great photo of a musician and his partner. I really like how Jim Christie captured the essence of this man.
Took me a minute to figure out which way was up in the photo sent by Matt King. Cool use of reflection as a visual element.
The photo from anikin is really strange. How does one use a road with a power pole in the middle of the lane?
The photo from Mardan prompts the the question "What is he thinking about?" Nicely done.
Mooseontheloose has produced yet another fantastic image. I really like the ethereal feel of this photo.
Cool high contrast photo from warejn. Nice use of light to show texture.
Nice photo of a young family of ducks from Jim17x. I like how you used the foreground to add depth to the photo.
The inn that piu58 photographed looked like it was a nice place to stay, at one time. Would be cool to get a look inside.
Initially the photo from pipoca gave me the feeling of being in a castle dungeon. Nice use of high contrast.
Of the three photos from Mike Wilde the Korean War Memorial I think is most effective. The soldiers almost look real.

That's all to-date. Looking forward to more.