Cleaning out my darkroom I found a half-used spool (~50') of +40 yr old film Valca 6 DIN Ortho (my Dad's) inside a box w/ no can, it was just out in the open. Being ever so curious I decided to try an experiment: Can it be "recycled?"
With the lights on, I fogged the heck out of it and developed it in Dektol 1:1. Once it was all black I washed it well, put the cover on the dev. tank and bleached. It was then washed well again and left it overnight to dry. The next day I put it in my slr and did some exposure tests in my backyard:
fast lens, long exposure: f 1.8 for 7 secs on a nice and bright sunny day. Dektol 1:1 for 3 min/wash/fix. I wonder now how other stocks would do, for example would a PAN still be panchromatic afterwards? Anyone ever played around w/ this?