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Too bad the 70mm film won't fit the Hasselbald 70mm back.
The Hassleblad 70 back takes perforated type II film.

Then again, I would rather have Delta 100 in 220 film than 70mm
I agree, I'm a little confused why they chose unperf as most 70mm backs that I know of take perf film... But I think my Mamiya RZ67 AND The Hassleblad will still work with non perf, as long as you're slow to crank the film advance, it should slide past the teeth, you might not get shutter count, but it should have the right frame advancement OK.

Though some 4x5 backs with 70mm adapters are non-perf so maybe that's why, combined with those that want to re-roll 116/616 they probably felt unperf would sell more...


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