Pete don't take your film out in the sun. I did it once. Got really black film as if it was under developed. I could actually see the emulsion go from a pale straw colour to a vivid yellow and the visible image disappear. Must be all the UV coming through the hole in the ozone.

As for colour, I have used halogen, warm and cold compact flouros and tungsten lights. I don't feel there is much difference.

Depending on the wattage I vary the light exposure time accordingly. But about 2mins with film off spiral held up to two 75w tungsten globes which would be 1-1.5m from the film. When using 150w halogen flood I leave the 100ft 16mm film on the spirals and I hold the flood light about 40cm from the tank while rolling the spirals in the washing water to get even light coverage. About 1 min for each 50ft spiral.