After a month in Laos and Thailand I'm finally back home and it was very exciting to get a huge pile of postcards in the mail today. In no particular order:

Two very nice but different portraits from ozphoto and JimChristie.
A nice contrasty image of corn from pipoca, as well as a slice of contact prints. In particular I like the images of the old truck.
Some soft old wood from warejn contrasts nicely with the rocks in drpsilver's "Cairn"
Water seems to be a popular theme this round, with a nice calm stillness from MattKing's "at the end of the deck", a more moody shot from TimReddy and his North Carolina pier, and some timeless images of ducks from Jim17x, and BoxBrownie's "Down by the Jetty".
anikin's "Honest, Officer" is just begging for an accident to happen, and I find Mardan's "call a pizza" kind of funny and sad at the same time.
Fozzle's "the future is now" really captures the progression of time/technology, especially with that faint carved head in the background.
hankins27's "Old Church" is a building I would love to photography myself someday.
Two prints from rince (I'm honored!) -- I really like the way you've captured more philosophical ideas in both "support and strength" and "fleeting moment".

Almost halfway there (15/37 cards) -- looking forward to seeing what else comes in this round!