I have a oly infinity of a similar sort of name- not at hand here where I am typing.

Nice and compact, good optics. after many years of pleasant use, it gets to mid roll then seems to lock up and go brain dead sometimes.

New battery, or taking battery in and out sometimes reboots the thing, and you loose some shots mid roll, or it winds the film all the way back. Other times though, you need to open it in the darkrrom and slowly pull the unexposed film off of the take off drum. Too frustrating.

So mine is now a shelf queen, talked about as how neat it was only. I suspect it is some sort of drying out capaictor problem, much like what plagues the Monolta X line.
Only this time it screws up the whole camera, ratehr than just the metering and ultimately shutter release in the Minoltas, where getting the film in and out is a manual affair.