Hi All,

I thought maybe it was time to resurrect this old thread. We can maybe morph it into a "post your ..." gallery. The GEH bromide emulsion (i.e. mostly dry plate) workshop is this week. Some good work should come from that. There are also the GEH alumni from the Cl paper workshops. A few people are actively following the Light Farm web workshops, and I have to assume other people are happily pursuing their own paths. If we all start posting here, we might be able to raise awareness enough to get 'dry plate' added to the ubiquitous list of alternative processes that always lists wet plate, but never dry! Of course, handmade silver gelatin isn't just dry plate. We've got glass, paper, and film all in our corner.

It's hard to over-emphasize how important it is to break through the perception barrier. Most people, even highly educated photographers and gallery managers, don't realize that handmade silver gelatin is possible, and it is an unfortunate fact of human nature that most people do not see what they do not already know exists. Let's update the perception of what's possible.