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I don't think any film camera is a good investment in the digital age, if you want to invest your money choose something else, but it want to buy a camera to use and enjoy regardless of the investment potential a Hasselblad is a very good choice.
I can't really say with certainty what the guy is up to since he only made one post. But I suspect he wants a camera for personal use but doesn't want to catch a falling knife. That makes sense to me. I didn't make my Rollei SLR purchase until years after the MF Armageddon. If prices are falling rapidly why buy? Just use your DSLR or 35mm gear for a couple of years and swoop in when things stabilize.

I have no insight into Hasselblad prices. What I can say is if someone is new to MF they may be better off starting off with something like an ETRSI. You can get complete kits with a prime lens for less than $300. And by kit I mean with prism finder and speed grip. Maybe even a metered prism. You can buy one. Use it and see if you like it. If not you can sell it and only be out some transaction fees and shipping... assuming you do your research and pick one up for a good price. Sure an ETRSI is 6x4.5 vs 6x6 but they both still use 120 film and are pretty close cousins format wise.