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If you take a look at advances in any field, they advance not by casting away tradition but by building on it. (i.e., calculus from basic mathematics; fried tomatoes from learning about not eating the leaves; science always begins with learning what the people that came before us observed and studied and believed. They were not always right, but imagine a science course trying to discover the Higgs Boson which did away with everything we had studied about atoms and chemicals and physics and started fresh with reinventing mathematics and trying to build a theory about thermodynamics?)

Unfortunately for those people who don't care about the past, tradition is the very groundwork and foundation for progress & invention.
Are you trying to equate "traditional knowledge" with "scientific knowledge"? It seems so. We don't use the laws of thermodynamics because "the old guys used them and we should know what they did"; we use them because they accurately describe the universe. No one's talking about reinventing mathematics.

Self-expression through photography isn't science.