Hi, I have already posted a few questions but I didn't realize there was an "introduce yourself" forum. Well here we go.

I live in Weston, Florida. This is South Florida with easy access to the Everglades National Park. I've been doing Digital for quite a while, that includes full digital and/or scanned film, but recently included full analog. I shoot exclusively 35mm format. But I am finally able to do the darkroom now. I have learned a lot in only a few months, but I do realize there are lots to go, that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know... I am mostly a hubbiest, I have done some work for profit but I am not a professional. I am enjoying the darkroom so much that is is competing and taking the time from my digital workflow enjoyment... :-) I have trully a passion for photography analog or digital since I was a kid but finally been able to accomplish many of the things I always wanted to do. My Darkroom is in my home bathroom but good enough to do what I want. I wish I didnt have to build and dismantle it every weekend but I rather do that, than fighting with the wife.... She hates it.

Is it ok to ask many questions or does that come accross as annoying ? I know many are already answered in past threads but for lack of experience, sometimes I require a dumb down version of the problem/answer to fit my level of knowledge.