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In addition to a pre-soak, here are a couple more ideas:

* Inaccurate thermometer (are all times longer than expected?).
* Something in tap-water damages XTOL. (BTW, I use distilled water because my tap-water is hard).

If you don't mind running another test, you could do so using your times and process that are known to work. But AndreasT and you have already reported upswept curves, so maybe we already know what the result of another test would be...

Thermometer is certified/calibrated, and I use distilled water for all chems. XTOL/TMax films is the only combo for which my times are long (regardless of dilution - stock, 1+1, 1+3). Curiously with Delta 100 my times are pretty close to Kodak's, and that's with less agitation than Kodak. Very strange. I will redo but I'm sure I'll get the same results as my process is tightly controlled. Perhaps I exposed incorrectly.