Roger - corps are dropping like flies, and generally due to sheer stupidity ... lemming mentality. If one
corporation shoots themself in the foot, their competitiors will do exactly the same. Whenever possible,
I try to deal with privately-held manufacturers which are at least somewhat buffered from the worst of
this, though there is usually some smart-alec MBA who manages to make a mess before eventually
getting fired. It's a parasitic profession, kinda like going to a surgeon who had never even taken a
biology class or dissected a frog first. Part of my job is predicting what direction mfgs will head into.
If a bunch of twenty-something MBA's get dropped into the hierarchy, it's time to run away from that
outfit - fast. Or if you work for someone like that, look for another job fast. Usually the only person
more incompetent is the CEO who hired them.