I thought I would be quiet and skulk away for awhile because I found more amputated parts that might suit me for a back, but here I am again. The Agfa has 4 screws EASILY accessible along the film gate, probably to access the bellows attachment, and I cannot get any screwdrivers to start the screws loose, just tearing the heads up worse and worse. I may have to grind them off, of course, not having a Dremel tool to get in there. A file might mess up the rest of the material too much.

I don't have any doubts about this lens' quality or 35 mm coverage, so no need to go there. The underlying theme is to prove it covers 645 adequately, and hopefully get some proof of it's quality.

BTW, what is ex-F95 I keep reading in Dan's posts? Is that a camera of aircraft, or neither?