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If I understand it right... he ruined it by fogging it and processing it... then in the dark, chemically bleached it and washed it, but leaving the now bleached silver salts remaining, which made them, once again, sensitive to light. It's an interesting idea.
that's it... although just for the record, the film was already ruined when it was found.
here's the process at 68F:

1) You'll need old film that has been fogged or accidently exposed
2) Fog it under a strong light source
3) Spool it onto a tank reel & develop in strong developer until completely black (metallic silver)
4) Wash 2 min
5) Placed lid on tank and put in CuCl bleach (from B&H) for 15 min (silver halide, AgCl I suppose?)
6) Washed for +5 min
7) Opened inside the Darkroom and hung it to dry overnight.
8) Spooled it into a cartridge and did exposure tests.
I figured it be very slow working off reversal re-exposure as my guide. My initial guess was about 15 secs full daylight, but half of that was needed.
9) Developed & Fixed.