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Thermometer is certified/calibrated, and I use distilled water for all chems. XTOL/TMax films is the only combo for which my times are long (regardless of dilution - stock, 1+1, 1+3). Curiously with Delta 100 my times are pretty close to Kodak's, and that's with less agitation than Kodak. Very strange. I will redo but I'm sure I'll get the same results as my process is tightly controlled. Perhaps I exposed incorrectly.
Do the edge-markings look thin? If so, your exposure is probably fine. Anyway, it would be interesting to re-try the process with an added pre-soak and/or longer time.

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Tmax gets the straightest curve with TMRS developer. But TMX can shoulder off if overexposed in full range lighting; and that's a reason it should not be rated below box speed with certain common developers. Some developers will create an upswept curve at the top with TMY, but you've really got to
be up there where you don't belong to begin with. I've used a variety of developers with these films, but never XTol - and if Xtol does in fact predictably produce a toe like that, I wouldn't even want to
bother with it.
Drew, you bring up some interesting points. (1) Like you, I've seen TMX shoulder-off and also recommend that it not be overexposed. But my latest concentrate makes it shoulder-off too soon, so I'm wondering whether to do anything about that. (2) My TMY2 curves in the OP shows the upsweep starting in the upper midtones or low highlights, so it'll affect folks (assuming it's not due to my own goof). Maybe it started farther out in prior batches. (3) The toe of TMY2 looks sharper than most to me; what about it do you dislike?

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