Yes, but one would have to cut alot of mats to justify the price of a dedicated mat cutter of ANY brand. I am NOT saying that the Logan cutter isn't great, or that the price isn't fair. Nor am I criticizing or demeaning any here who actually enjoy cutting their own mats, and find the effort rewarding. Please, my comments are not posted to be arbitrary or unpleasant in any way.

Thus, I am asking that if one regularly prints to/on a given size paper and uses an overmat with the same borders all of the time, then purchasing pre cut mats can be a great savings of time. Obviously one does give up the ability to customize the mats and windows according to the size of the print-IF one varies the size of the print.

So....once again, seriously asked without ANY rancor and meant as a question: What IS the advantage of cutting one's own mats and over mats if one always prints on the same sized paper and uses over mats with windows of the same size?