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i think you are right ... ansel adam's work was made to be "art" or "fine art" or "a sierra club calender" and
o'sullivan made the photographs for the federal government to record the property they had just "bought" ... surveys so they could make maps.
definitely different "genres" but sort of the same. ...

who knows what would have happened if their places in history were swapped. if ansel adams was the government contractor and osullivan was the "artist" ...
i think adam's work might have looked like osullivan's ( except for the tent )
and osullivan would have had 20 shades of grey because his materials would have allowed it.

we are lucky to live in a time where we can easily see work of a bizillion different photographers or painters or ... just a keystroke away
it wasn't too long ago that traveling shows that presented magic lantern slides + stereoscopic views &c were common ...
John I gotta call you on this one...

Ansel WAS contracted by the government to make photos that's how he got funded to go to these places, he just made an agreement that on his off days / time he could shoot and keep negatives for himself.

I venture to guess that he simply kept the good stuff and sent the government all the less artistic stuff.


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