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BTW, what is ex-F95 I keep reading in Dan's posts? Is that a camera of aircraft, or neither?

I believe these are Canadian made Leica lens made for the military.

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Another is use a lens much longer than 12". Imagine being limited to lenses no longer than ~ 135 mm on a 35 mm camera. Well, that's where we are with little Graphics.
Well, to be expected from the intended use of the speed. I would think a 300mm lens would be the limit of what you could reasonably handhold doing street or sports reporting photography. As far as corner coverage, my favorite back is a 6x6 roll film back. Most lens I have used will cover this format.

I am off to hang a 180 tack sharp Jena Tessar on my 3x4 Speed. It's an easier conversion than the Mamiya and I want it for this weekend. John sent me some Efke 25 and I suspect this is going to be a nice combination.

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