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Do the edge-markings look thin? If so, your exposure is probably fine. Anyway, it would be interesting to re-try the process with an added pre-soak and/or longer time.

Mark Overton
Mark, what I'd like to do is run some TMY-2 in both XTOL and D-76. Perhaps my "batch" of XTOL packets is bad. I don't know why that would be but who knows. But I won't have time for this until the weekend so if you want to go ahead, don't wait for my tests.

While it has been a while since I used TMY-2, in sheets I always got pretty long, straight curves with short toes and a gradual shouldering (slightly more gradual than say Delta 100). Actually I found the curves very similar to TMX, which made TMY-2 an almost ideal large format film for my work (except for the slightly glossy emulsion which can be a serious pain in the ass as far as Newton rings go). So this thread is somewhat troubling.

PE - how likely is it there is really something wrong with the film? Realistically, can this happen? I mean obviously it can happen, but ?