I read through "The Camera" pretty quickly and I have gone back to read some sections a few times for some specific information.

But I have read and re-read "The Negative" numerous times. I probably should have put a black tick mark inside the front cover for each time but I am back at it again. There is such a huge amount of information presented there that it is impossible for me to assimilate it all at once.

My reading process for this book is like this:
A - Read the book, or parts in the book.
B - Go out and try to do the things presented in the book.
C - Partially or completely fail,
D - Go back and read again.
E - Continue to practice until I actually begin to master the technique.
F - Move on to another section.

The same thing holds true for "The Print."

I have read a bunch of books on photography, and there are several I rely on, but these three really are my basic photography textbooks. I may outgrow them one day...maybe.