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Might as well. The ones governing our countries don't seem to care anyway so why should we?
I dont think history in all and the history of photography relate or has much in common in relation to this subject. The way things evolve in this era with all this new technology etc I see little reason to demand that young photogs know about the master of....

....Hey someone called me ignorant whaiii at last

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I will only agree with you in the sense that if the current generation learned from the former generation who learned from the "great masters" then inherently there is knowledge and technique in the students of the great masters work, therefore through lineage I may gleam some knowledge of the past, but only if I studied the older established contemporary masters of today and only if they learned from the great masters.... It's a generational learning ...

But in art there is repetition, short heals, tall heals back and forth, popularity is ever changing, Peter Lik may be popular now but unpopular in 50 years when some new photog produces only dull imagery rather than bright colors, dull being the fad like in the 1950's drab colors which were then popular.

But learning about as many photographers new and old, will give you a MUCH more rounded perspective, enable you to pull from the best of techniques and styles that fit with your own style, if you have no exposure to that you'll never have a concept of it.

So history is important both in art and in the world. Repeating history in the art world is a little more acceptable (like when someone told me my model work reminded them if Helmut Newton and I had to look up to see who that was because I was ignorant, only to discover I was flattered by the compliment) but without knowing I had repeated a style, (but only vaguely in my opinion) however seeing the work gave me new ideas...

Anyway I thing I've said enough.


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