Out of curiousity. This is all a wild guess bases on the idea that the silver in the emulsion is AgCl after CuCl bleach.

You expose the hell out of it, develop to black, bleach it so I assume no dyes were left in the gelatin emulsion that make the film panchromatic.
Assuming, CuCl bleach turns the silver halide in the emulsion to AgCl. This is the same silver halide in salt print/albumen.

If so, it is probably more sensitive to UV than visible light. But, salt prints are much more sensitive to visible light than most of the other alternative processes.
If so I would expect a visible image on the film before developing, if it is AgCl in the emulsion. Even developing might not be necessary.

If anybody would enlighten me, Is it possible that silver halide is AgCl in the emulsion after CuCl bleach?