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Logically it should be, in the presence of copper ions, the Br- can recombine with the Ag+ (ala transition lenses). But logically Chlorine should displace Bromine and Iodine in salts, and Bromine should displace Iodine if using a Bromide bleach.

Though, that's mostly assumption.

Also afaik, the simple act of washing doesn't remove spectral sensitisation (at least not all of it), haven't investigated bleaching though. Saw another user wash the antihalation out of some IR film, and the film maintained it's pan and IR sensitivitiy. Though I suppose it'd be dependant on how well fixed in place the sensitisation dyes are.

If the film is exposed to enough light to develop maximum black, and then developed in dektol 1+1, how much bromide would remain or would it even remain. Isn't bromide supposed to be removed during the development.

I agree, this is all based on assumptions, but sounds very plausible. Having an AgCl film is quite an interesting idea to me.