Yes we can modify a power pack to have similar power settings. There will need to be a complete capacitor change and depending on the age of your pack we may have to replace one of the circuit boards inside to work at the lower power settings. If you send the units to our repair department they will give you an estimate on doing the work. If you decide you do not want to have the work complete there is only a $10 charge for each power pack for putting the time and work into looking at the units and creating an estimate. You can go onto our website and click on the contact us tab to get all of our information to send the equipment back to us.

Also if you use any speed lights for on camera lighting you can check out one of our new products at it is a super small package product we just brought out to work with Nikon, Canon, Nissin, and etc.. it should be available in the next few weeks.

You can always call us direct as well and we can answer your questions for you. 1-800-Lumedyne (800-586-3396)

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