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I prefer to use round 1l bottles for my chemistry, as it lasts for quite a long time, and was wondering if there was a jobo compatible equivalent before i invest any money?
Not really: jobo processors have square holes where the bottles go in. I've tried different round bottles, but none really fit through.
I've resorted to using Ilford chemistry (square) bottles...

Another possible solution, if you really insist on using round bottles, would be to make your own "panel" with round holes - i.e. modify the existing red top with square holes and either glue or fasten another panel above it with the holes for the bottles you have... Clumsy and (most likely) ugly and messy

Besides, the square holes (and square jobo bottles) are designed that way so that the opening actually keeps the bottle pressed down, even if the bottle is only half full (prevents bottles floating up) - I don't know how difficult that would be to achieve be with round bottles.