I've just recently (last few months) have gone down this same path with an Anniversary Speed from '43, and the feeling dumb part has not gone away completely yet. Just exposed a couple sheets to light the other day because I still haven't settled on a system for marking/knowing film holders are empty/loaded/exposed and thought they were empty.

Keep at it, one of the guys that helped me get into it had a motto: if you get any images from the first box of film, be proud you got *something* as there's a whole heck of a lot more to go wrong than with 35mm/MF.

I got a bunch of Fuji instant film to experiment with and that has helped my confidence level, and helped me go through the shoot routine many times to get some memory built up. You might think about that, if you have the pack film back and not the roll film back.

Pack film back (image from Wikipedia commons):

Roll film back (image from Wikipedia commons):