I'm strictly hobby too. I process film for a guy at work which covers some costs. I have not sold any prints, but if the opportunity arose, I would probably take it. For the most part, its not too costly for me at the moment. I got a great deal on my aunt's old darkroom equipment. She is a wedding/studio photographer who has been digital for last 15 years. I also got a boatload of paper from her that is old, but still in very good condition. A few 100 packs of 16X20 fibre paper...yea probably $600-800 worth of paper in all. Once I eat through that, it will get more costly for me and I may start looking for simple ways to SUPPORT my hobby.

At least this hobby has the POTENTIAL to help pay for itself. My other hobby is homebrewing. It is legal to brew up to 200 gallons per year per household. Selling homebrewed beer is strictly illegal without the proper licensing (and taxing) in all states.