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Let's face it. Film photographers are packing around a lot of anger these days. They are feeling self conscious, and unsure of themselves. If they weren't why would we be having all these threads by analog people complaining about digital shooters and digital prints.
There are very few times that someone knows I am using film. OK, so they always know something's up. I use large format. There is nothing like a "Huh?" comment generator like lugging around a 4x5 camera on a tripod through downtown Seattle. I suppose I've ended up on at least one blog with it. Other times someone sees "Holga" or my Rollei's twin lenses, and they know I have something different.

But as for anger and feeling unsure, not me, and not a lot of other film-using photographers. I am utterly confident in my tools' ability to deliver the results I want. When Tim Parkin did the Big Camera Comparison, it was interesting to see that an 80Mp back was beaten by a Mamiya 7. That wasn't subjective from looking at random pictures, it was a reasonably controlled test.

Unfortunately, when we go wandering about with our tools, we don't carry with us 30x40 prints demonstrating what film gives us. If we carry around a print, then it will be 8x10, or less. Of course at that size even smaller digital cameras compare well, and some people want to see a real sumo vs midget comparison.