Vinten F95. Aircraft camera, UK made, from sometime (I think) in the mid-'50s to the early '90s, used by > 30 air forces and by commercial firms, universities, ... too. Focal plane shutter. Image motion control. Eventually with auto exposure. Numerous models, later ones took lenses with shorter back focus than the original. Originally offered with 4"/2 or 12"/4 Taylor Hobson, switched to mainly Elcan lenses in the mid-60s, also eventually offered with 38/4.5 Biogon. Alternative normal lenses included 4"/1.9 Dallmeyer Rareac, 4"/1.8 Taylor Hobson, 98/1.4 Wild Heerbrugg Falconar.

The camera part of Wm. Vinten was spun off, the last I heard it is part of Thales Optronics, a french firm, and trades as Thales Vinten. Thales was recently in merger talks with EADS, don't know how they have progressed.

The tripod-making part of Wm. Vinten still exists as Vintec, makes and sells Vinten tripods. Vintec owns, among others, Gitzo and Manfrotto.

All of the ex-F95 lenses I've been able to try out have been ok or better.