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I would humbly suggest to do a Google search, not to find the right answer, but to see, everyone will recomend his trusted unit and there are many good ones. This question comes up often and like with many of our tools we are in the fortunate situation that we can base our choice almost purely on ergonomics without worrying about "performance".

I'd suggest an incident/reflective meter that has a Silicon Blue Cell and takes modern batteries for sake of consistency, like the Sekonic L308, but lots of people use selenium meters. The fewer buttons, the better it is for me.
I would agree to get a unit with the Silicon Blue Cell (SBC) and the modern battery comment also.

Lots of contributors to this thread will offer their favorites as your "go-to" answer, so here is mine. I have used Gossen products for over 20 years, either as a primary exposure resource or a backup or incident option. The nice part of the Gossen units I have used is the "system" aspect of buying accessories that fit newer and older models. I recently sourced a Gossen Luna-Pro F (F includes flash measurement) that uses a standard 9V battery (think smoke alarm) and can use the variable spot attachment from my earlier Luna-Pro/Luna-Six for extra versatility, and with the SBC advantages. You can meter in incident and reflected modes, the wireless flash option is there if you would ever need it (or the next owner), it is very accurate, and lots of cheaply sourced accessories are available on the net.

Over the last 90 days I have seen the Gossen Luna-Pro F series trade on eBay between the $40 and $60 dollar range in what appears to be good condition, and with the demise of analog the system attachments for extra functionality are going for cents on the $ in some cases. It is a good system approach to light metering that I have had luck with historically.

Do your homework, decide what is important to you related to features, and go forward. It has never been cheaper to pick up quality metering gear than it is today.

Stay Safe!

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