I had a few screeners try to unroll exposed 120 and 220 films before, and there is always one that wants to pull out on the leader of a 35mm cassette. A few have asked to unwrap and remove the foil from 120/220 films that were unexposed to check. When going someplace that you know they will not care for hand inspections you can pick up a few of the thick xray bags. I have a big Domke one that is like 10lbs, and another smaller japanese type thats a bit smaller but can easily hold a 10 roll brick. Dont get the thinner plastic roll up pouches unless you plan on bagging film in those, and then into the thicker type bags. They work really well, when they made me pass film through with it instead of giving me hand inspection, it showed up as a huge black space on the monitor. At JFK they didnt care and said the machine was film safe and let it pass, at Shanghai coming back they freaked and had 4-5 people come over, and ultimately gave me the hand inspection I asked for.