Good points all around.

I definitely was not intending on buying brand new, I was just meaning a "newer" replacement body as mine is from the early 1970s (I was thinking of getting a late 500CM as KEH labels these specifically). The stuff I have works but I do occasionally get inconsistent frame spacing on one of my backs (now if only I could remember which one.... ). The body definitely needs a tuneup to re-lube everything and replace the rebound foam as it's dried to oblivion. It flakes off every time I take a shot and leaves bits of foam on my mirror and focusing screen. I figure that should be addressed.

Flutots specifically states they DO NOT work on Hasselblads, so I guess they won't be too keen on helping me lol!

I figured David had the track record I was looking for, and when compared to places I found out here in Southern California his prices were very comparable if not slightly cheaper. It just adds up when you've got a body, three backs and two lenses that need to be tuned up.
I figured the body would hang out with me for a while, and the backs would almost make more sense just to buy newer ones anyways, same thing for the lenses.

I'm just planning for the future with this stuff as it doesn't get used in my paid work, it's just for personal projects.